Livestock Market Report

Report Date: AUGUST 25, 2014

Receipts this Week 1,283
Receipts last Week  1,430

Feeder Classes

Steers & Bulls (Medium & Large 1 & 2)
150-300 Lbs Up To  410.00
300-400 Lbs Up To 330.00

400-500 lbs up to 278.00

500-600 Lbs Up To 241.00
600-700 Lbs Up To 217.00
700-800 Lbs Up To 193.00(bulls)

Heifers (Medium & Large 1 & 2)
150-300 Lbs Up To  365.00
300-400 Lbs Up To 286.00
400-500 Lbs Up To 251.00
500-600 Lbs Up To 231.00
600-700 Lbs Up To 208.00
700-800 Lbs Up To 184.00

Slaughter Classes

High Dressing Up To 127.00
Breakers Up To 120.00
Lean Up To 110.00
Bulls Up To  134.00

Stocker Classes

Bred Cows Up To 2,030.00
Cow Calf Pairs up to  2350.00



4- Horned Herford bulls, 18-months – 21/2 years old, 1- Polled Hereford bull 3- years old, & 1- Charolais bull 2- years old.

Slaughter classes sold steady to 2 higher  . Calves and feeder cattle unevenly steady. Still working on a very good market with powerful demand.   Replacement cows and pairs selling steady on a light supply of good quality young cattle. It is a mighty good time to be in the cattle buisiness. The cattle on feed report out this past Friday confirms that the numbers are on our side and the demand is as strong as ever. Our future looks bright. Fed cattle trade in the West lower again @ 153.00 to 156.00. Folks, we are blessed with a very strong market that looks like it is here to stay for a long time. Demand for our cattle is the strongest ever.

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR HOME PAGE FOR INFO ON UPCOMING SALES AND EVENTS. Coming Friday, Sept. 26, The 2nd Annual Melvin Adams Farms Bred Heifer Sale. 360 of the best bred heifers in this country. To view pictures, go to our home page and click on pictures.

A little note: With all the talk we hear about HIGH cattle and High BEEF prices, I want to know Compared to What? Bought a new pick up or piece of equipment lately ? Gas or diesel fuel, fertilizer, or non meat related items in the grocery store? For years we have been the step child of the FOOD industry, and we produce the best and safest beef in the world. I think cattle prices are where they should be in comparison. IT IS OUR TURN.

On  another note, this is  our 22nd year here at Dothan Livestock and we want to thank all of our friends and customers, both buyers and sellers, for your trust in us over the years and we will continue to work hard to keep that trust. We know that we could not be here except for all of you. From all of us here at DLC, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Also, a reminder on our weekend receiving hours:
Saturday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Please call ahead if you will be bringing cattle after these hours, and we will make arrangements.